How much time do you spend researching new leads and signups?

Probably too long, if you've not given up already

HuliMail shows you who's on your email list

HuliMail takes an email address (or a batch of email addresses) and shows you their LinkedIn, twitter and other profiles. It can even alert you the instant someone signs up if they look particularly interesting.

Find the people you're interested in who are already on you mailing list

Whether you’re looking for bloggers, journalists, investors, people working at large companies or just anyone with an obscene amount of twitter followers, HuliMail helps you find the people you want to contact and shows you where to do it. Once you've got your emails researched you can search and filter them in your HuliMail dashboard.

Easy to get started

You can run HuliMail on a batch of email addresses, simply paste a list of email addresses into HuliMail. Or, HuliMail can connect to your Mailchimp account. HuliMail can load data for all your existing subscribers as well as listen for new ones signing up. You can get emails for new signups, or just get emails for those which match certain criteria.

Get more activity on your social accounts

Get more activity on your social accounts by connecting with the people on your email lists. You can find and connect with people through the Dashboard, and get email alerts containing research on new leads sent to your inbox the instant they join.

Scott Britton used HuliMail to find opportunities to connect in his existing email list

I'd highly recommend HuliMail to marketers, sales people, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to maximize opportunities from their mailing list. I couldn't identify specific people from my mailing list who would be valuable for me to connect with. HuliMail allowed me to identify these people in a variety of contexts. I really like how I can filter my connections to find exactly the type of people I'm looking to connect with.

Gary Sieling used the HuliMail API to get a better understanding of people signing up for trial accounts of Osmosis

I'm using HuliMail to learn about my prospective customers - what industries they are in, and their role within an organization. Whenever a client sets up a trial account with our product, we get an email with information about the person (e.g. a description of the company they work for, their twitter, a photo or logo, as available). I've developed greater situational awareness of the state of our trial accounts. It's allowed me to identify people who renew trials after long absence, or after switching companies, or who have their colleagues set up accounts. This identifies people who might become product champions within their organization.

Stop wasting your time and stop missing the opportunities sitting in your email lists

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