How much time do you spend researching new leads and signups?

Probably too long, if you've not given up already

Hulimail takes the pain out of researching your leads

As soon as someone signs up to your mailing list Hulimail is working to find their linkedin, twitter and other profiles. It even alerts you the instant they sign up if they look particularly interesting.

Find out about your new contacts then choose the best place to connect with them. Hulimail shows you how to reach them on social networks as well as their own websites and blogs. You can check out their latest blog post before pinging them a personal message on twitter or a connect request on linkedin.

See all your leads in one place, with social profiles and more loaded for you Use the dashboard to view all your leads in one place, see their profiles, find and follow them on the main social networks. Or, use our google sheets integration to pull all the key data into a spreadsheet and do your own analysis.

Engage with the people important to you. Whether you’re looking for bloggers, journalists, investors, people working at large companies or just anyone with an obscene amount of twitter followers, Hulimail emails you the instant someone matching your criteria signs up.

Get started in less than 60 seconds

Pick how you want to use Hulimail with 3 simple ways to get started

Use our super simple Google sheets integration to analyse your leads in google docs.

We load the contacts from your Mailchimp lists, analyse them then listen for new subscribers

Embed our JavaScript snippet on your site, we'll do the rest.

Maptia used their email super powers to start multiple long-term relationships

we had our landing page live and we were getting email signups through at a decent rate, but had no way of knowing anything about the kind people who were signing up. We would have just ended up ignoring them and missing out on great opportunities to reach out to interested people at that moment of emotional investment in Maptia. How useless is that!

Joe Pulizzi connected with influencers to grow the Content Marketing Institute

Influencers are important people. They generally have real jobs and are extremely active on social networks, spending their time sharing content and blogging. Getting on their radar is not easy

Stop wasting your time and stop missing the opportunities sitting in your email lists

If you're building an audience, let Hulimail find the people who can make a real difference. Pricing starts at just $29 for 300 new leads, no monthly subscription simply pay as you go.

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